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Voting Moments Of Change

Voting, Moments of Change explores the merits of, and barriers to, the bedrock of American democracy. Offering a brief history of how voting rights were given, lost, fought for, established and re-established, this exhibit reminds the viewer that everyone’s voice matters and that they have a responsibility to make theirs count.

Come Together

Come Together is a collection of photographic art addressing the struggles and injustices experienced by Black Americans and people of color in New Jersey.

Newest Americans

Immigration rhetorics are challenged in this nuanced look at America’s newest citizens. Witness their joy and get a first person account of what they sacrificed to call the United States home. 

Art as Witness

Art as Witness  — Political Graphics 2016 - 2018 Political cartoons curated by Steven Brodner & Francis Di Tommaso from the School of Visual Arts.