Sight Unseen

February 20, 2023 - April 14, 2023
Human Rights Institute Gallery
Sight Unseen

About the Exhibition

Sight Unseen presents work by the world’s most accomplished blind photographers as they explore ideas about the nature of seeing. Great art, it has been said, is not a product of the eyes, but of the mind. Beethoven composed music without the ability to hear, and blind writers Milton and Homer conjured the landscapes of the heavens and the underworld. Similarly, the artists of Sight Unseen, in bringing their inner visions into the world of the sighted, reveal a rich visual and emotionally complex blending of the physical and conceptual worlds.

The artists represented span a wide spectrum of sight impairment: most are completely blind; some are legally blind but nevertheless perceive an attenuated image of the physical world in varying degrees. All of them, with photography as their medium, navigate with their other senses to visualize and represent the space around them.

Blind photographers operate at the heart of the medium; they are the zero point of photography. These artists occupy the pure, immaculate center – image as idea, idea as image.

- Curator Doug McCulloh in American Photo Magazine

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