Layers of Life

January 25, 2024 - May 24, 2024
Karl and Helen Burger Gallery

About the Exhibition

Artist-in-Residence, Ricardo Roig, developed his unique hand-cut fine art technique while at Kean University. Layers of Life, the title of his solo exhibition as the Galleries at Kean artist-in-residence, is a play on words. Not only does it describe his artistic process, in part, but it also captures a snapshot of his personal philosophy as well.

Leading with a positive outlook on life, Roig amplifies his energy through his work, generating influence. His process is one of many layers. Using an exacto-knife as a paint brush, he cuts shapes out of paper one layer at a time, mixes his own paint colors, then pushes them through each layer using a screen printing process. Every work is an original. Roig creates approximately 10 of each work, and no two are alike, making them extremely appealing to collectors.

Layers of Life connects viewers to Roig’s latest evolution as an artist. He has tapped into his love of oil paints. Exploring new ideas on large canvas, two works in the exhibition, known as “portals,” enhance his storytelling of love, life, beauty, and balance.

Access a Spanish audio translation of the exhibition text here.

Selected Works

About the Artist

Roig’s passionate dedication to his practice, and ability to connect with others, has brought him an audience of collectors, viewers, and partnerships that are taking him to great heights.

Born in New York City in 1983, Roig is a contemporary fine artist who owns and operates multiple art galleries in Boston, Hoboken and Westfield. Roig’s signature style of art is his innovative hand-cut print. His modern, original works on paper offer the world a new form of art. Every color stencil layer is patiently hand-cut from the paper with a razor blade, attached to a screen, and pulled through with vivid paint colors one layer at a time.

Roig exhibits his work in the W Hoboken Hotel. This partnership has brought him an international audience. Roig also exhibits in NYC’s Upper East Side at Gallery 71. He is collaborating with KW Realty and partnering with Christie’s International Real Estate Hoboken.

Roig’s work has a wide appeal that crosses industries. He has done commissions for NYU Stern School of Business, Rockrose Development NYC, Amazon, The Beekman Hotel, Hilton Hotels, City of Jersey City, City of Hoboken, Town of Westfield, W Hotels, New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, and many private clients.

Ricardo, his wife Michelle and two children reside in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.