February 4, 2021 - May 7, 2021
Nancy Dryfoos Gallery
Joy Exhibition at Kean University

About the Exhibition

Joy is an exhibition of photography infused with moments of weightlessness and happiness. The joys of being human when we are our true selves are captured through the camera lens.

Selected Works

About the Artist

Gerhard Patterson

"Lately, I associate joy with a moment of pride. My friends started rock climbing years ago and every day they climbed higher and feared less. We celebrate the small victories. Each day they get closer to the best version of themselves. My selected photos resemble what it means for each of my friends to feel proud of him or herself. Working on this photography project has pushed me to grow and improve. Over the last few months, I have worked on overcoming my fears and being the best person I can be. I hope that my photos give you a small glimpse into what it feels like to be victorious."

Jada Bautista

"These photos were taken to radiate positive black energy. Too often we see the struggle, the heartbreak and injustices, but it’s time to show the smiles, the happiness and the hope in our eyes. The photos remind me of the better days that have passed as well as the better days to come. Black Lives Matter! "

Marlies Patterson

"I am the mother of five, I taught Special Education for many years in the public schools, and I love the arts. I have painted large murals for events and schools. Currently, I teach piano and voice at a local music school. I am known to carry my Canon T2i camera wherever I go. I found that the arts motivated my students, my children and myself. I come from a large family that encouraged the arts, and I have passed down the love of creativity in the arts to my own children. I have enjoyed the arts throughout my life. "