Civil Rights Journey: Digital Exploration

January 17, 2023 - February 13, 2023
Human Rights Institute Gallery
Thompson Trinity

About the Exhibition

Human Rights Institute at Kean University
Travel Experience and Research Program

Spring 2021, Kean University students, faculty, and staff joined by President Lamont Repollet and Director of the Human Rights Institute, Dr. Lauretta Farrell, traveled to Georgia and Alabama, to engage in intensive, first-hand study of the United States Civil Rights Movement. The American Civil Rights Movement was one of the most pivotal in US history, as hundreds of thousands of Black men, women and children marched through the streets, rode on buses and sat at luncheonette counters to claim their most basic human rights.

Photographic images presented in this digital exploration were captured by participants. Framing the experience through their own lens, the participants share their private intrinsic moments of the journey with the Kean community, and the world.

Photo credit:

Thompson, Trinity,
Untitled, 2022
Digital Photograph