Zohar Meditations

March 20, 2022 - June 3, 2022
Human Rights Institute Gallery

About the Exhibition

Carol G Rand’s sequence of artworks, Zohar Meditations, reflects the expansive diversity of Kabbalah — and the systematic “mind of G-d” undergirding it — by ranging across media, and even across time and space.

Its components are paintings, sculptures, assemblages and installations, all designed to stand alone as well as in concert, each bringing attention to another aspect of Kabbalah — and, in several cases, taking to heart the metaphoric and even historic liberties implicit in Kabbalistic thinking and elaborating on true histories or fanciful allusions particular to the Jewish experience.

Selected Works

About the Artist


As a young girl, Carol G Rand studied with the late artists Everett Raymond Kinstler and Millard Sheets, leaving her with a lifelong direction and a sense of purpose as she pursued her art. After a period as an art director for Harris Company (later Gottschalks), Ms. Rand earned her MFA in painting and drawing from Claremont Graduate University (2006) and taught as an adjunct art professor for ten years in the greater Los Angeles area. In 2018, her solo exhibition at the Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage, California was accompanied by a featured interview in VoyageLA Magazine. In 2019, Ms. Rand was selected for the 19th International Art Exchange Exhibition at the National Arts Center in Tokyo, Japan, where she received the Gold Award of Excellence for one of her artworks.

Currently, Caron G Rand works full-time in her studio at the Hawthorne Arts Complex in Los Angeles. She is a member of Gallery 825 in Los Angeles and the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, California where her work has been exhibited over the years.

Artist Statement

The power of the human spirit rises above suffering as if a gravity-defying phoenix from the ashes; a palpable part of our Zen existence where Yin & Yang converge.

In Zohar Meditations, suffering is threaded into the narrative along with meditative transcendence via visuals and sound pathways, allowing the viewer to redirect physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain.

When human rights are violated in a myriad of ways there is a collective wounding of humanity throughout time that we carry into the present. Each eye holds our maternal and paternal genealogy of suffering; all of the past violations are passed onto us. We are born wounded. We not only carry our own suffering and those with whom we sympathize, but our family’s dual histories reside in us, and as such, we need a place of rest and healing.

Zohar Meditations was born from my personal journey of pain and seeking spiritual wisdom and insight, which led me to study the Kabbalah in 2018. In my pursuit of restoration, I first created the ten sefirot spheres separately in order to meditate on each of the timeless truths, a figurative floating tree to nest in, where I found understanding and literal rest for my soul.

As I continued on my path, I was enlightened by the story of The Virgin of Ludmir, the first and only female Hassidic rabbi, and darkened by the horrific 800 crucified, a historic crucifixion of Jewish men and the slaughter of their families.

This inescapable convergence of light and darkness upon humanity became the focus of my installation, whereby through using sound, art and participatory experience, I seek to create a safe space to meditate and to heal this timeless wound within all of us.